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2020 is a year we'll remember, locally. Between Covid 19, the overtaking by the homeless, endless piles of trash, rampant lawlessness and a welcomed frenzied interest in new and used RVs, without a doubt this has proved to be a year to remember.

It has been so unusual that I have not been able to get a breath to post this segment until now. So, without going into 10 different blogs for the year, I will just put it all into one letting you know what we have been doing and how we are keeping busy.

The most important thing is to know we care about you all and hope everyone is healthy and surviving as best you can. Thanks for your continued support, business and referrals. We are most appreciative.

This Pace Arrow, as with countless other motorhomes and trailers, was donated by a wonderful man whose father passed away. From Isleton, Ca, the unit was no longer needed and we were able to get it started, aired up the tires and cleaned it to provide a second home for a wonderful couple who wanted a little space away from four noisy kids. This is yet another, different need for an RV and why people are seeking an affordable housing solution.

Customers are Going With The Flow, with the whole mask issue. The parts counter keeps hummin' with masks or without (for those who are "damned" if they are "going to wear one!")

Tommy stopped in to say "Hi" and look for some parts. As I was told, his is not the only 8 foot VW bus around. I gotta tell ya, I have never seen another.

The three least when it came to cleaning up the dump at the end of our street.

Here we have just raked up into piles the remaining debris. This was spring 2020. Now, at the end of this year it has become a living dump; the homeless, vagrants, drug users, drug dealers, thieves, mad drivers, trash/filth and the rest are quickly taking over the immediate area and local community. Please be careful when traveling into this area. According to the Sacramento City Police officers, they "have their hands tied" by the City leader(s).

It is not as bad as it looks. A special order was placed for J-wrap and fender skirts and support metal to repair this beast. A tire blew out (front one in pic) moderately damaging the surrounding area. When tires blow they can do some serious damage. Always best to quickly move around a Class A or large trailer when passing it.

Here Jose is repairing the top cap to a Class C. He does remarkable body work and paint. This unit got a bit too close to overhanging limbs and a hole was created.

Oscar is checking controls on this Class A. As the manufacturers continue to produce units, they continue to make it more challenging to work on them. Electronics is an area where we have to stay on top of new technical info. We do have to call the manufacturers tech support to get assistance, once in a while. But, it's always a good learning experience.

I was called out to this guy's property to determine if we can "take it for free." Some of these units are too far gone, with rat infestations (wiring and line damage) or they are violated like this. I was told the son got it working, but has some issues. PASS!

Droppin' off late. We accept them 24/7

We run 24/7, too. In the summer, the days are long. We will work well into the morning to get things done.

Clean it up!! This awning was cleaned up and sold to a customer. We found this one all rolled up hiding out in the back lot. It was rescued, cleaned, removed and attached to the new rig. The customer was very happy after saving half the cost of a brand new complete awning.

Some of the units we obtain are in very good shape. This beauty was to be used as, yet, another affordable housing solution. An elderly couple were moving to the hills (Sierra's) and "getting the hell out of Sacramento." They found a nice little piece of property up around Georgetown and will make this their new home. Well Done!

Prince takes it easy when it's hot out. Guard Duty....when nap time is over.

A nice couple came in from being out on the road, coming across the US from Atlanta. They were taking work in the Chico area for opportunities from the fires. Utility companies are now mandated to remove trees along the power line corridor. They had some good questions we were happy to answer. Best of luck to them!

Here is a barn find from a property where a motorhome was donated. The property was filled with extras. Yes, I remember when I was riding these. Loved it!

OMG, that's 50 feet alright.

This beast was abandoned in a very high class shopping center in Eldorado Hills, Ca. After a solid week of the property manager not being able to find someone to move it, customers complaining, kids vandalizing it, she finally called us. Yes, of course we got it moved, and with our own trucks. Funny, though, the people who shopped there were either appalled or fascinated, they couldn't believe what it was. Really folks! Get over yourselves. This monster will end up being a wonderful home for a family....just as it was back in 1954. That's right, humans will actually live in it! Time to smell the coffee. BTW, the interior is in beautiful shape with original real hardwood floors. Now, since they have all the money of course I am going to charge to take it.....especially when no one else will do it.

On her way to new frontiers. This nice lady who trains horses stopped in for some horse trailer furnace maintenance enroute to a new life up north. We got unit all fixed up and she hit the road by sunset. Happy trails :)

The start to an Ebay campaign. I finally made the decision to begin inventorying the 1,000s and 1,000's of parts. This will keep me busy in the winter.

Speaking of winter....time to hit the road to Idaho and see my son. I love getting out of the craziness, out on the open road, especially when it's miles of packed ice and snow.

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