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I'm sorry #20

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

As I came across these pics and looked at them again, two years since I had this amazing RV removed from my lot, I shuddered and shook my head, ashamed, realizing yet again I let so many valuable things go, trusted so many people, did not do my homework, and did the wrong thing.

Undoubtedly, George would be beyond disgusted, not talking to me, which is worse than getting upset at me. Why? OMG, it's a 1970s American Clipper, and not that many remaining in such good shape, especially for a parts vehicle or possible resto. The learning curve was steep and costly.

Of course, as I looked at it in the beginning when I came aboard the Doctor George operation, it looked liked the other 24 units that needed to find a new home. Billy was Gung Ho, "let's clean this place up!!" True, there were probably 10 of those old POSs that needed to disappear, but there were a few, especially #20 that needed permanent residency, with the bragging rights of being placed in the coveted garage for that day when a total restoration would bring it back to its full glory.

Did Billy not learn anything from his childhood, living with a father who was a Cadillac master mechanic and vintage car restorer. The golden rule.....Don't Throw Anything Away! One would think I would have had that burned into my memory or put on my arm as a tattoo.

But, no. Billy could not see that future value, the sound when a Mopar starter engages, and a Chrysler 440 starts. The moment when you open the door and step into the 70s, one more time. And now there is one less remaining trip to the 70s. Gone. My God, I didn't even take respectable pics of it on it's final day.

The practical or pragmatic way I should have viewed this unit, in the least, should have been to understand the value of the component parts, at a minimum. A good number of the parts that make that beauty are interchangeable with other units, especially from the house or coach section. I looked at the sink, the toilet, entrance doors, cabinet doors, cushions, hurts bad, yes, port hole windows. All gone, thanks to Billy.

I just reviewed a video of basically the same unit that a lady, Sarah, from our area, whom I do believe looks very familiar, had purchased and now is living in it. Here is her link:

So, I will say that the last two years have been a lot more of the same, the learning curve that is, more so at the beginning. Yes, I am becoming very cautious what gets thrown away and what gets through my hands. I'm becoming more verse with RV clubs and platforms, establishing relationships, connections and how to advertise these parts and RVs. And now the light is starting to shine through.

I will always remember #20

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