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What is Trailer Gods?

It's people crying, laughing, signing, struggling, cursing, and fighting. It's people rebuilding a used trailer or searching for one. It's people living in them and others traveling in them. It's people inspecting, buying, selling and stealing them. It's rich people demanding cheap parts and poor people happy we have them.







It's an expose and the cold hard truth from those whose lives are associated to a trailer. If you want to hear it straight from the horse's mouth, then this is where you want to be! 



It's Billy, his team, the locals, and the countless customers who interact for reality at its best. No concoctions, no spin, just the truth, nonsense, pain, glee, gratitude, determination, and blood, sweat and tears of Billy to promote this incredible story.

It's the many who struggle through life, some with injury and hardship and some near death who make the best of their life, doing, fighting, working and not giving up.







Not many would travel down this troublesome, bumpy, road, but Billy does, and he and those who follow him are either brilliant or insane to continue down it. It is not a path to riches, but one of hard work and satisfaction knowing that someone cared enough to help.

Who are the Trailer Gods?

The Trailer Gods are the spirits who control what happens to those who own, live and travel in, work on and buy and sell trailers. Us or those who exist and rely on the trailer, who live, vacation, repair and restore the trailer, millionaires who make a living from building and or selling the trailer down to peasants who take what is inside these trailers when abandoned or donated, yes, us mere mortals are thankful to the Trailer Gods, because

The Trailer Always Provides

We are bound to the whims of the Trailer Gods, whether fortuitous or unfortunate. Hence, the incredible content for you to enjoy!! 

Stay tuned for the launch of our livestream / video shows Jan 2023.

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