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Burn it down

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I'm still searching for the video I took the night the trailer I gave to Zoe, a homeless lady, burned up, rather, down. I have more info on this story, and as soon as I find it I will upload.

I continue to try to help those who need assistance with housing. But, "ya gotta help yourself, first." Zoe was not all there and had a rather psychotic, street person BF that may have torched it. Who knows, it went up in about 10 minutes.

No one was in it, Station #20 did their thing and that was that. Except when it came to cleaning up the mess, of course then Billy was asked to help again. Fortunately, the burned down trailer was no match for the CAT. My fault for not knowing this would happen.

Since I'm a big advocate of keeping the front areas of our property, sidewalk and streets clean of the usual debris: condoms, black & mild's, 211 40s, needles, and regular trash, I undertook the job of cleaning the street again, this time of the nice little trailer I provided to Zoe.

The City Police asked that I stop doing this and naturally I complied. So, when it comes to the numerous homeless people that surround us, now it's only tents that I hand out for winter months, and only to those of them who don't steal from me. We get many tents from trailers that we remove from properties, along with many other items: camping equipment, clothes, kitchen supplies, bedding, electronics, BBQs, emergency gear/garb, etc.

The quick history of this unit? It came from a nice person living in Berkeley. Just an old, basic unit out of the 60s, parked in the back yard for decades. It had a small tree growing through it and that was a bit of a job cutting it out. This trailer is one of 100s we get annually. It could have been a nice little home for someone more responsible.

Interesting, many times I cannot help homeless people due to their use of drugs, thievery, and trashy disrespect for the area. Of course not all of them are this way, but of those who have inundated this area, Mary is the only one who keeps her place tidy and clean.

This is, becoming a more frequent end to a Used Trailer that the homeless use for living.

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