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The Luther Burbank Project

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Delighted I am to have the opportunity to work with Andy Woodward of Luther Burbank High School. There are many different ways to be involved with the community, preaching the usefulness and value of Used Trailers, and this is definitely one which I will be following closely--The Luther Burbank Project.

Over the next four and a half months, Andy, who is in charge of the Building Trades Academy for the High School, will be overseeing and directing his teams to construct a Tiny Home to be donated to victims of the catastrophic fire that swept through Paradise, Ca. last year--the Camp Fire.

The Building Trades Academy program is something that I wish was offered when I was in high school, alas is now available for high school students to receive training, build experience and set a course in a fantastic, thriving and important American industry, the larger construction industry.

The Academy program (, and specifically Andy's class(es) have the opportunity to do something great and help others desperately in need. Here at Trailer Code, we have the opportunity to help Andy and his students by offering resources from RV Doctor George.

Trailer Code will be chronicling this important project and will facilitate the necessary donations needed for the project through the vast parts inventory of Used Trailers at RV Doctor George. From a frame that everything will be built upon, to a refrigerator, sink, plumbing, name it, if he needs it, we'll provide it!!

Please continue to check in and follow the Academy's progress through each segment as we film and discuss the action and work taking place. We will be adding videos and pics as the work and story progresses. You can see the results below, sliding through the pics.

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