Billy O'Nair

Entrepreneur | Author | Adventurer

I'm Billy O’Nair, the founder of TRAILER CODE, a think smart company providing real solutions to the affordable housing crisis. I offer exciting, interactive talks and workshops to entrepreneurs, investors, students, schools and those who are looking to start a business with low risk/high yield assets. I offer consulting services for alternative housing solutions and investment in personal property assets. I am the owner of RV Doctor George, an iconic RV service and exotic and hard to find parts company providing quality service and products at an affordable rate, serving the local community to the greater western US for nearly forty years. I was able to write and publish my first book, USED TRAILERS: Overlooked Pots of Gold, and have contributed to the Market Minute Blog, OZY online magazine and Trailer Code Live.


I adopted the name Billy O'Nair because I aspire to become the first billionaire working with Used Trailers. I don't want or need all that money, rather I would like to channel it to those who badly need it, those who need a place to call home. Obviously, that may take a while. But, I'm very impassioned and energized about what I do and love helping people in need of housing and those seeking to start a business. I enjoy aviation with my son, green energy design/apps, donating, and my dog Prince.


Invite me to give a talk to your group, firm or school, I'll bring a trailer, you'll love it and you will never look at another Used Trailer the same way again. 


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