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I'm Billy O'Nair, the founder of Trailer Code, a think smart company providing real solutions to the affordable housing crisis. I offer exciting, interactive talks and workshops to those who are looking to start a business with low risk/high yield assets. I am the owner of RV Doctor George, an iconic RV service and exotic and hard to find RV parts company serving the entire US for nearly five decades. I wrote the book, Used Trailers: Overlooked Pots of Gold.


A livestream show is in the works, new productions and dozens of videos and stories will be forthcoming this year, split from Trailer Code, offering entertainment only on a new website and YouTube channel, so stay tuned. This is the next segment of my career and journey within the world of RVs and the plight of those affected by the affordable housing crisis. We are very excited to bring you a much awaited new side to the work we perform and people we help every day. To help me through all this is a wonderful coffee we have created from Hawaii and offer to our customers at our store and now online...

Doctor George Coffee. Available online at:


Our home base, the RV Doctor George campus, located in Northern California, is a development center and testing ground of incredible work and ideas. We have been helping people for three generations and many come from across the USA with eyes and mouths wide open. Our stories are real, our help is genuine, our potential is gigantic, and we are just beginning!

I'm very impassioned and energized about what I do and love helping people in need of housing solutions. Im blessed to enjoy aviation and dogs with my wonderful son, green energy R/D, donating and having Prince in my life (woof, woof). Come by our facility or invite me to talk to your group, I'll bring a trailer, you'll love it and you'll never look at another Used Trailer the same way again.


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