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Billy O'Nair

Entrepreneur | Author | Adventurer


I'm Billy O'Nair, the founder of Trailer Code, a think smart company providing real solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

I offer exciting, interactive talks and workshops to those who are looking to start a business with low risk/high yield assets.

I help operate RV Doctor George, an iconic RV service and hard to find parts company serving the entire US for over five decades. I wrote the book, Used Trailers: Overlooked Pots of Gold. Why? Because too many people think Used Trailers are trash; hot in the summer, cold in the winter and leak when it rains. They think Used Trailers are filled with tweakers, pitbulls and drugs: complete garbage! Some are, but most are not. This public misconception propagates untruths and cloaks the importance of Used Trailers as an affordable and satisfactory housing solution, as they have been for years. 

We have launched a livestream and reality video program called Trailer Gods, chronicling over five years of incredible content. This is the next segment of my career and journey within the world of RVs and the plight of those affected by the affordable housing crisis. We are very excited to bring you this much awaited new side of our work.

Our home base, the RV Doctor George campus (, located in Northern California, is a development center and testing ground of incredible work and ideas. We have been helping people for three generations and many come from across the USA entering with eyes and mouths wide open. Our stories are real, we don't make this

s--- up, our help is genuine, our potential is gigantic, and we are just beginning!

I'm very impassioned and energized about what I do and love helping people in need of affordable housing solutions. My first name is Mark and if you can believe last name is Winner. But that is not good enough, so I go by Billy O'Nair because I am committed to raising capital to help others not so fortunate who are in search of affordable housing. Perhaps, if I can become a "billionaire" then I can effect real change and offer substantial help. I'm blessed to enjoy my wonderful son and our best friends (Darius and Prince - woof, woof). I donate my time and resources when and where I can. My primary goal is to reorganize our inventory and improve the layout of our yard so we can offer online shopping. This would be a quantum leap forward in the right direction, dramatically improving the efficiency of our services and the shopping experience of our customers. Another goal is to establish a second operation in Southern California, giving us the capability to help more customers and secure better selection and pricing on surplus and used parts, offering greater savings to everyone.

My team, rather, my RV family who is committed with me on this journey, is everything. There are rewarding times and many challenging times. What we can and many times have to do in months of blazing hot sun, freezing rain and in the dead of night is nothing less than miraculous, and we do it graciously. One of our guys has now been diagnosed with ALS. He is such an important part of our day-to-day operation and we count on him immeasurably. Now we have to plan for his passing. It is very hard to see this transformation of one of the most skilled multidisciplinary and talented men I have ever met to one who needs to be physically helped with the most simplest of things. We all do what we can, everyday, for him, the customers and our purpose. 

Come by our facility or invite me to talk to your group, I'll bring a trailer, you'll love it and you'll never look at another Used Trailer the same way again.

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