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Working year round

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Have truck, will remove trailer

The work never stops, even in winter. One reason is because, now, more than ever, housing is beyond high's uncontrollable demand. So, there is business 24/7/365.

After getting a call to remove a unit from Truckee, Ca. (definitely one of the coldest places in the US, but a nice old west town), I had to prepare and anticipate a few things

to make sure it would be a successful trip.

Freezing liquid, increased loads (weight)

When I arrived at the trailer park, I asked the manager to verify if the holding tanks had been emptied and that the unit was winterized. For the most part it was. This includes emptying liquids and purging water lines. In the winter, water lines and holding tanks of liquid including fresh water and sewage can freeze and expand and cause costly problems.

Another issue that one must address is the increased weight or loads to the trailer as a result of snow. In the pictures (above) it was determined that the extra weight from the snow on the roof would make a noticeable difference in performance of the truck and extra fuel required to haul it. The snow was removed.

Working year round

Our work never stops and we prepare to do it, all year round. What makes it all worth while is knowing others are in desperate need to have a place to live.

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