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Welcome RV Doctor George

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

In March I began the due diligence phase of obtaining RV Doctor George, an iconic, one of a kind RV service/repair and exotic and hard to find used parts company located in Northern California. I had been frequenting this establishment for some years prior, and at the beginning of the year found out that it may become available to purchase.

In January I began a 6 month volunteer program, learning everything I could about the operation and helping as much as I could. What I found out was RV Doctor George is known throughout the US, has the best reviews in the field of RVs, has some of the best Techs, Service and Parts staff, and has many multi-generational customers frequenting the establishment.

Their stories are heart warming, able to make me laugh and cry....real stories form real, satisfied customers. I could not be happier with what I have obtained. That being said, I could not have been given a tougher challenge.

RV Doctor George has been operating for decades, it also has been lagging on updating itself and keeping up with technology and marketing itself strategically on social media platforms and marketing itself more globally. However, the phones never seem to quit ringing.....I know, that is not a bad thing. But, that makes for a long day. Because, only after the door closes and the message recorder turned om does the second half of my day begin.

All that aside, it is an opportunity to work with the best and most talented staff one could ask for and to be given the opportunity to continue providing the best service possible to our wonderful and loyal customers. We and I thank our customers sincerely and strive to only improve further on the service and products we provide.

As the fast-paced summer season slows, this will give us time to introduce our Radio Show and Free Workshops...two things that many RVers can take advantage of for free, informative and entertaining content.

Looking forward to providing you with numerous videos, interviews, stories and more as we move forward, together.

Please visit this wonderful company online at:

Welcome RV Doctor George!

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