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Vintage trailers and where they fit into your operation

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

What’s your business? In my book, Used Trailers: Overlooked Pots of Gold, I discuss the importance of knowing how to work with vintage trailers. Vintage trailers have an appeal to many; they can be a hobby or a collector piece, bought and sold on speculation or restored or repaired and flipped. But, depending on how much you really want one and how much you are willing to spend, you need to be satisfied with your decision and know exactly why you are obtaining one.

Are vintage trailers a part of your business model? If so, are they making money for you? 

Vintage trailer uses Of course, vintage trailers are the ones you see at events and rallies. The little “canned ham” is something of a head turner and hard not to fall in love with. They are also used for living in and vacationing.

For some of us, the more important reason to consider one is to make money from it. And, if your business is all about “business,” then you won’t have a hard time understanding the following:


How can you obtain a vintage trailer for free? Finding used trailers requires you put your name out there, make connections and relationships. It’s that easy. It’s not hard.

The easiest and fastest way to make money with vintage trailers Two of the trailers shown here I received for free and one I paid $300 to obtain. Each was sold days later and the only work I did was to clean the outside of one of them, the rest I left alone. The average sale price was about $1500. So, my profit was very good for money and time invested, as it always should be.

I don’t look to make a killing, although receiving a trailer for free and selling it 72 hours later for $1500, to me, is a killing. For a certain buyer this just might be the vintage trailer of their dreams, and $1500 to pay for one that is in fair to OK condition is a good deal.

Believe it or not, because of the affordable housing crisis, the vintage trailers I deal with in livable condition are used more frequently as a home than they are to show at an event.

With a vintage trailer I want to MOVE IT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. I choose not to repair anything, I sell AS IS. The reason: I don’t want to invest money that someone else can. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Focus on finding the beholder and that equates to less work, time and money invested and brings greater profits.

Selling a vintage trailer for a lower (but profitable) amount will bring a greater buyer’s pool and faster turnover time. Then, vintage trailers will be making money for you!

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