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Time for a makeover

After acquiring RV Doctor George it took a few months to get a sense of just how to begin to organize and beautify. Lots of dust and lots of you can't imagine how much stuff, needs to be cleaned and gone through, respectively.

So last month, we made the decision to address the small front reception area and to Git'er dun!! And that's how we did it....with the whole team, their extended families and neighbors, too. I included a few pics of the start, work and Phase 1 completion.

After being in the same frozen state for over 30 years, you can guess there were more than dust bunnies. There were some things that never moved and others that found a new spot on a new shelf, in back. Yes, some definite groans and complaints from service and front office staff and a handful of customers, so far, that have voiced their disapproval of the make over. But, most customers have been very receptive and liking of the new look.

We have a long way to go, with pouring a new floor, ceiling work and installing new light fixtures, adding retail to the walls, painting a welcome sign and most of all, displaying a encased Doctor George Wall of Fame. Everything takes time, so I figure by the end of the year we should have most of the office complete. Do stop by and see the changes we are least in the front room, so far. While you are at it, pick up your very own copy of Used Trailers: Overlooked Pots of Gold at the front counter. Trailer Code and RV Doctor George shirts are available, too.

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