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Super deals from aging out owners

Its not the unit aging out, it's the owner

Coming across a 10-20 year old unit in excellent condition is not uncommon. Many times older folks will have maintained their RVs impeccably but will get to an age in their life where the maintenance does not allow them to perform those tasks easily.

Enjoyment and memories

For many of these aging owners the trips to the lake, beach and mountains and the memories with loved ones over the years is the reward and return. Frequently, these units will be sold for pennies on the dollar, or even given away, for free.

Represent yourself professionally

Taking the time to be polite, listening to their stories, answering their questions professionally and being courteous will bring big rewards.

Here is an example. Recently, I was called by a nice elderly lady to help sell her Class C motorhome. Over the phone, before hanging up, she asked if I could help her position the unit into the RV parking space around back of the house. "Of course, no problem," I replied.

I arrived and found the unit to be 18 years old and in near perfect condition. During my inspection and appraisal, I was courteous and offered her useful information to help her sell the unit, which had a market value of around $8,000. I then helped her position the unit into the desired parking space, being very patient with her driving. She was thankful for my services (free of charge). She stated if i was interested in the unit that she would be happy to offer it to me for a greatly reduced price of $1,800, basically, pennies on the dollar. I gladly accepted.

Time is a good thing

Everything gets old, not just the trailers. We get old, too. Being considerate of older peoples needs and helping them is the right thing to do. And, sometimes, it pays off big.

Get a copy of the book, Used Trailers: Overlooked Pots of Gold, and learn how RVs are a profitable niche market and solution for many who are desperately seeking an affordable housing solution.

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