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Paying it forward

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

It's a Win Win Win deal

Many times used RVs (trailers and motorhomes) are looked at as an eyesore, toxic and costly especially if they need to find a new home and have issues.

Earlier this year I was called and asked if I would be interested in purchasing an older trailer that was in storage. I went to inspect it and opened the door.....I immediately turned around to the seller and told him "You'll need to pay me to take this."

It was okay looking on the outside, but the inside was another story. Tweakers had broken into it at the previous storage facility, unfortunately destroying much of the inside and filling the bathroom tub with their feces. I told the seller the only way I would take this off his hands was to be paid $500. An hour after I departed I received a call from the seller asking when I could pick it up. The sad part about this story is that the seller had been paying $110 per month for over two years to store this s---.

The buyer.....yes, there's always a buyer (all day long at $200), was a wonderful lady who was planning her wedding and needed a changing room for her bridesmaids. She told me she had no problem cleaning it out.....all of it! I could not help but to give her a great deal and wish her well. The stories just get better each time. I'm sure it is a beautiful trailer now and creating more pleasant memories.

Sometimes being able to be paid to help stop the bleeding and nightmare for one person will turn into a dream come true for another. Being in the middle, solving problems and helping people is a win, win, win deal.

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