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Negotiating to win: Being a buyer

Negotiation for buying There are buyers and sellers; each uses negotiation skills to their advantage. Having these skills can save or make you money. Buyers should be familiar with seller’s skills as well; knowing both is best.

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Skills As a buyer, what kind of skills are we talking about? How about, patience, compassion, listening, reading the seller, product knowledge, market value, spending limit, using a poker face – being quiet and knowing when to walk away. Get familiar and seasoned with these skills to radically improve your bottom line. ​

Ugh!! Yes, you have to get good at this. Suck it up! It may feel uncomfortable and make you nervous. For some of us, we’re just not cut out for high pressure sales. However, this is your business and you’re not in the business to lose money. Neither should you pay more for something you can get for less.


Negotiation is the norm Negotiation is very common in used vehicle sales. Here are some ways to obtain the experience you need.

  • Practice with a friend

  • View as many used trailers in your area as you can

  • Watch YouTube videos

  • Take a Trailer Code class or attend a workshop

Feel confident and save money What matters is that you feel confident with the price you are paying. Know what you are inspecting. Know if the seller is full of BS or is very truthful and happy to let you have the trailer for a song and a dance. Having the ability to show a little compassion and convince them you are on a very tight budget can pay off BIG!

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