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Moving a Mountain

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Summer is drawing to a close. Our busy season will soon start to slow allowing us to focus on bigger issues. With the acquisition of RV Doctor George, Trailer Code now has much more to offer and a larger platform from which to operate and voice our message. Doctor George provides me with one of the best service facilities, staff, one-of-a-kind parts warehouse and loyal customer bases. Trailer Code has a strong message and voice. Each has something to offer the other.

Yesterday, I attended the re-election campaign kick-off for our local councilman. I shook hands and had a minute to speak with him. Meeting with and establishing friendships with city, county and state officials is another path to voice our message. RV Doctor George has been around....a long time, and it has and will continue to help and support the local and regional community. With that said, it offers a greater platform to stand upon for speaking and preaching about the affordable housing crisis in this nation and how Trailer Code is offering a solution to this crisis through Used Trailers. Trailer Code also offers a proven system for those looking to earn more money, work for themselves, grow a business, create passive income and obtain assets.

The affordable housing crisis is affecting and impacting directly and indirectly economies, the environment, law enforcement, emergency clinics and hospitals, budgets, employers, families, schools, neighborhoods, parks, cities and states....more than ever!!!!

Trailer Code has been addressing this "crisis" for years. In some respect, so has Doctor George. Now, together, we can address better and louder and effect change. I always invite the local councilman, the mayor, the US representative for the area, our customers, fellow business owners and the public to our monthly workshops and meetings. Just as much or more importantly, I invite those who are looking for jobs, part-time work and a way to earn a supplemental or better living and who want to create passive income and a retirement plan.

Trailer Code will continue its crusade to help those affected by the affordable housing crisis. At the same time it is committed to helping find solutions to the mess, filth, drugs, blight, disruption and financial burden that homelessness and depressed area lawlessness brings upon those mentioned above and others affected by this crisis.

Please attend our monthly workshops and meetings. Help support the community, regional area and State by voicing your ideas and concerns. At the same time invite a friend who needs extra income, someone in college needing a part-time job, a 30, 40 or 50 something year old desperate to find a way to obtain assets and save for a retirement or a retiree looking to supplement his/her social security. The affordable housing crisis is here to stay through our lifetime and Trailer Code is, too, solving problems and helping people and providing a proven business system to improve your income and grow a business.

Order your copy of Used Trailers:Overlooked Pots of Gold now and start learning the reality of the affordable housing crisis and how you can help and earn money at the same time.

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