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Motorhomes – a – plenty!

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Unlimited inventory Yes, there is an endless supply of aging out RVs. Like ants emerging at the change of seasons, the broken down used motorhome market has exploded. It is spring cleaning x 1000! Time to go Used trailers break down, too, but it usually takes airing up a tire and giving it to the neighborhood kid. The yard is once again clear and clean—everyone happy! Spring time sparks this movement every year. A motorhome is more involved. These guys are bigger, taller and cost a lot more to remove off the property, especially when they don’t run, and have back fees owed to the DMV. Now, it’s really time for the old beast to go. People can’t stand looking at them any longer. Either can others.

Cities and counties issuing citations City and county agencies are turning up the heat on property owners with broken down RVs and especially motorhomes, shoved into the side stall of their driveway or buried in the back yard. I get calls daily to remove these units. I take about 1 in 3 that I look at, that’s not a bad ratio. Most broken down motorhomes will start and drive with little work In my book Used Trailers: Overlooked Pots of Gold, I discuss the usual issues and remedies to get that old motorhome fired up and back on the road. Dead batteries and bad gas are the two top reasons they won’t run. Both are an easy fix. And when they don’t run but can still be resold, use the owners towing service; it’s FREE. Find a GOOD mechanic to help you inspect the units. You save time and money. Pay them good and they will help you get paid GOOD.

Ways to increase your return It is hard for an owner of a broken down motorhome to have it moved off the property; this is to your advantage. There is more risk taking them, so if you are the knight on the white horse coming to save them....well....then, charge for it. ​

Remember, these units are almost ALWAYS FREE or the owner is PAYING YOU to take their nightmare away!

You should be getting close to $1900 as an average return. The occasional $10,000 or bigger deal will come your way—believe it!. Get your name out there, make relationships, do pays off. Buy the book, Used Trailers:Overlooked Pots of Gold, and start helping others and making your fortune.

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