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Keep your inventory moving

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Trailers are an affordable housing solution American’s are the greatest consumer’s in the world and they love their RVs. The manufactures delivered to them roughly half a million in 2017. Fortunately, this creates a constant, aging out used inventory.

What better way of addressing the affordable housing crisis than with used trailers as a solution? Many people are desperately seeking a place to live. The trailer you have for sale is wanted. With constant aging out of used trailer inventory, there’s no need to sit on it until you get your price--keep your inventory moving.

Moving inventory is the name of the game Here are the reasons to keep your inventory moving:

  • Reduces the demand for storage space.

  • Repair costs are reduced.

  • Time and weather (elements) decrease the value of your trailer.

  • Animals and pests set up house in your trailers when they sit.

  • Theft and damage occur without a secured storage space.

  • Advertising your units for sale in a radius of at least 100 miles provides a larger market to draw from. Many of those markets may pay more for the unit.

  • Letting go of a unit now gives you money to invest now.

Meet the demand, but don’t be greedy Frequently, I will ask myself how badly I want this trailer gone (sold). Then I laugh, because I remember it is the same question I ask each of the sellers or donors. “How badly do you want this problem (trailer) gone?” Most of the time their answer is “real bad” or “very bad.” When that is the answer (which is most of the time), the deal I’m getting is good, FREE or they’re paying me to take it.

I use the same thinking: we are all consumers here in the US; there are always more cheap and free trailers right around the corner. I tell myself to “let this go” and “keep your inventory moving.” Even if it’s a vintage unit with a ton of charm, If I drop the price it will most likely go to someone very much in need, and that feels better all the time.

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