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Do You Really Need a Truck?

Do you need a truck to buy, sell and lease trailers? ​If you are on a tight budget or if you just want to feel it out—take this business for a test drive—no truck is necessary. 

How you can start this business with no truck?

​I started this business with zero money borrowing a friend’s old car. From the beginning I knew it would be necessary to ask a friend or to hire someone with a truck. I found an old timer happy to help and make a few bucks. He was a retired truck driver—bingo.  

​When you are looking for someone with a truck make sure he/she has experience driving and towing. Next, make sure he/she has no drama or family issues. My driver gets behind the wheel, rolls down the window and can go for 12 hours straight.

It helps when the driver has a liking for the road, experience in towing, is older and doesn’t take risks or chances. Respectability and good attitude is paramount. No macho crap or “I know how it’s done” will be tolerated. 

The right truck for the job

​Having the right truck for the job is important for your safety and getting the job done right. Use full-size pickups (trucks), either in ½ ton or ¾ ton. These will include the Ford F series, Dodge RAM, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and Toyota Tundra. I do not recommend smaller capacity (load + towing) trucks; those categorized as mid-size trucks. 

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