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How to make over $1,000 in 24 hours

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

FREE Trailers ​Free, used trailers are out there for the taking; rather, the “receiving.” And they are out there more than you know. Acquiring a FREE trailer helps for those times when you have to pay. 

“Get rid of that piece of crap in the driveway"

​Spring cleaning is a time to reap the rewards from pestering spouses demanding their mate “get rid of that pile of crap in the driveway, now.”

Many times the trailers will be offered in ads online—Craigslist Free section and the RVs and Campers section. Other times they are donated to salvage and dismantling yards, RV centers, scrap-metal haulers, recyclers or anyone who will take them. Sellers (donors) who are desperate will occasionally offer you money to make their bad dream go away.

Find and flip ​When viewing a free trailer take pictures that you can immediately post in your ad online. Here, you will reiterate the qualities of the unit, as you had just seen and been told from the donor. Rarely will I wait to get out of the donor’s driveway before I start posting my ad. 

Rewards ​You just obtained a free trailer, most likely in fair condition and you are looking to flip it in less than 24 hours for at least a $1,000 or more profit. Many times these trailers can be flipped for $2,000 or more. Offering delivery in the ad (with a small fee) will bring a greater percentage of viewers and profit margin.

The pictures here show a unit I recently obtained for FREE in fair condition; I sold it 24 hours later for $1,500, including delivery.

An affordable housing crisis is growing throughout the US; old, used trailers are a realistic and profitable solution. You can help others and reap rewards by doing the same thing. 

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