There's a problem in the USA and it's only getting bigger.
Let's be real, there are many problems in the USA, only getting bigger. 
Everyday m
ore people need affordable housing; more people are forced and choose to live on the street. Businesses, especially small businesses, are feeling the effect and paying for it with: lost revenues, decreased customers, increased theft, being a depository of trash and human waste and a magnet for rats, and becoming victims of increasing general lawlessness. It's not just the homeless that are responsible. No, it's many more people in the population looking to take advantage of the relaxing and changing laws in our nation and society, civility is legend. Theft is no longer theft, walking into a business smoking and reeking of pot now is normal and welcomed, running a red light is no longer running a red light, and driving without a license or that's necessary. Spinning and drifting your car in circles in front of homes at night is passé, now you do it anytime of the day in front of businesses or shut down a freeway and produce your thirty second livestream viral artwork as a right of passage, taking your place in the new liberal world order.

I help the homeless: feeding them, giving them water, tents, clothing, money, trailers for shelter from rain and freezing weather, use of our office and electricity, tools and parts, transportation to the hospital, and my time. 

It is a challenging world, many people now don't want to work. I like to work and always have, but not for others. For those tired of working to make the dreams come true for someone else, here is a website, platform, testament and "the book" that will show you how to Help Others and teach you the
Secrets of how to Buy, Sell, and Rent Used Trailers. My second book is coming soon and will explore the reality of the affordable housing conundrum and its relationship with used RVs.

My livestream show, new productions and dozens of videos and stories will be forthcoming this year so stay tuned. Our home base, the RV Doctor George campus is a reaction center and testing ground of incredible action, stories and ideas. We have been helping people for three generations and many come from across the USA with eyes and mouths wide open. Our stories are real, our help is genuine, our potential is gigantic, and we are just beginning!


Overlooked Pots of Gold

by Billy O'Nair



Fun Jobs!

Full length production coming soon






















 Need additional income?

Tired of working your 9 to 5 job?

Thinking of a new career?

Can you believe in the unbelievable?

Are you willing to work hard, help others and be rewarded with constant business and handsome profits?


If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions,

you’ve come to the right place!

Check out new videos on our blog page 

We are starting a daily livestream radio show soon and will be airing from the RV Doctor George facility.

Along with this show, from the daily content of craziness, nonsense, blood, sweat and tears is coming a series of episodes you can view online.

Sounds interesting so far?

If so, please view our most current public service announcement video, below, updating website content. 

Used Trailers: Overlooked Pots of Gold will show you how to:

  • Understand the national housing dilemma and how you can help;

  • Obtain used trailers for free or little cost and sell for handsome profits;

  • Sublet and operate personal property as real property;

  • Successfully market yourself and advertise – all for free;

  • Make $1,000s per month renting and selling used trailers;

  • Create passive income, obtain assets, and build a retirement plan;

  • Negotiate to win as both a buyer and seller;

  • Get started with no money out of pocket.

At Trailer Code we enjoy being out on the road, hearing what renters and home owners are saying about the affordable housing crisis. There's a lot to keep up with and our Man On The Street series is a fun way to share that information.

Upcoming Events

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Learn How To Solve America's Housing Crisis

Trailer Code conducts exciting and interactive talks and workshops. Hopefully, with the Pandemic ending soon, we will be getting back up on stage. 

Please check our Events page for new dates.

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