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Tools and workwear: how prepared should you be?

What is your focus? If you do this business full time then you will need a truck. And, you will need tools and work clothing/gear (workwear). In my book, Overlooked Pots of Gold, How to Make $100,000 with Used Trailers, I discuss how one can operate a business, buying, selling and renting used trailers, without ever having to purchase or use a truck, tools or workwear. It is possible. In this case, someone else will be sharing your profits.

Being prepared brings efficiency and that brings profits

Sometimes, when I am driving home, I reflect and nod my head up and down along with a smile and think, “Yep, that went smooth.” Each time I do a job, I try to incorporate more efficiency. Being efficient means I am being prepared and using knowledge and skills from past jobs. Knowledge and skills comes not only from what went right in the past, but, most importantly, what went wrong. Those memories will help improve your skills and make you more efficient. It is important to visualize the job you are going to do: truck, tools, workwear.

How prepared should you be?

Within two years, you should be zeroed in on the exactly the tools and workwear you need. Tools are most important, they make the job happen. Hitches, tow lights and adapters, jacks, tape, wire, safety chains, tire inflators, spare tires, safety flares, fire extinguisher, water hose, tarps, bungee cords, vacuum cleaner, propane tank, regulators, drills, saws, hand tools, screws, power extension cords, ladders, cleaners and rags, work lights, dollies, batteries, tape measure, note pads, roof sealant and on and on. These are things that you will need day to day. A truck with a shell is what I use; tools all enclosed with locks. Each trip I set out fully loaded and organized.

Having all these tools and more will come over time. But after about two years you will have a good feel of what you need, streamlined and ready to go each time, knocking out the job with efficiency. It’s the same with workwear; it takes time to know exactly what you need. Winters will challenge you in this business. Rain, snow, wind and cold temperatures make it uncomfortable to work. Investing in superior and newly designed work clothing is worth the money. The same with work gear: gloves, boots, knee pads, head lamps, ear plugs, safety glasses and vests require trying them out; see what fits, what feels good.

Being prepared pays off Every few months I go through it all and determine what I don’t need. And, generally, I don’t need tools and workwear that I haven’t used in two years. It takes up space and eats gas. That costs money. A smile on your face and money in your pocket comes from knowing your business. Experience and preparation will bring efficiency.....and efficiency helps bring profits.

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