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Making money on water damaged trailers

How can you make money from investing in water damaged trailers? First, most water damaged trailers are going to be CHEAP, or CHEAPER than other inventory. And, if they aren’t you might be passing on them. So, expect to find great deals on this type of inventory. If walls and roofs are rotted, it might be time to pass. If not, you might be looking at a diamond in the rough. ​Second, too many times, people freak out about mold and water damage issues. Again, there is a housing crisis, and for those who can see past obstacles and misinformation, rewards are there for the taking, for the buyer and seller. Trailer roofs leak Last week I was begged to take a 1999 5th Wheel for free. It had taken in water from numerous leaks on the roof. Believe me, when I entered it I had to hold my breath and watch where I walked; it had mushrooms growing on the floor.

However, the fundamental quality of the trailer was still good. The roof was leaking, but there was no rot, only mold—floor and walls solid, all appliances worked great, the general condition of the trailer was very good, nearly new. 

Water damage can mean mold issues Mold is a concern and black mold is a greater concern. I flip moldy trailers, no renting them for me—too risky. In this case, the trailer just needed drying out, wiping down and the carpets replaced.

I sold this trailer for $1000 two days after accepting it, never once moving it. The buyer knew the quality of the trailer and had the knowhow and means to make the repairs. He got a great deal and so did I for being opened minded. 

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